IW Asia Horizon4G
  Horizon4G is specifically designed to help achieve a new and lasting degree of wireless freedom.
  Horizon4G is a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) that enables the delivery of wireless services to every corner of the enterprise. These key attributes make Horizon4G the ideal enterprise wireless platform:
Guaranteed coverage
Unparalleded traffic capacity
24x7 reliability with low operating costs
  How? Horizon4G is a single wireless antenna solution that can be designed to deliver virtually every wireless service consumed by the enterprise:
Your building is wired with a combination of coaxial cabling, broadband antennas and in some cases fiber optics. Connections are made to a centralized interface located in a secure area area.
Wide-area services, such as 3G, LTE and 4G, are connected to the Horizon4G interface in the secure area using equipment provided by the wireless service providers.
Local-area services, such as 802.11n and Zigbee, are connected to Horizon4G at secured interfaces in smaller zones, such as by floor.
All converged wireless signals are distributed throughout the facility via antennas that transmit and receive each and every wireless service.
  With Horizon4G, multiple wireless services are enabled by a unfied, engineered solution, exceeding the performance levels of single-purpose, discrete wireless systems. Horizon4G provides the wireless foundation for your enterprise.